Your Very Own Domain Uptime Monitor Website

You can now have your very own website monitoring website like the big guys from uptimerobot, pingdom and uptrends for a yearly price and it's up to you to bill your clients however you want. You are billed only everytime someone orders a service from you.

Start Selling Website Monitoring Services in 60 mins! and You have option to enable built-in affiliate program. THIS COULD BE YOUR LIFETIME WORK-AT-HOME WEBSITE!

Anyone who has a website or server needs monitoring. Explore this untapped and highly profitable market! Sell website monitoring with our reseller program, to website/server owners, programmers/developers, system/network administrators, web designers, business owners etc.

Private Label


Billing Automation

  • Full integration with PayPal and 2checkout
  • Clients pay on the website and receive service instantly without contacting you
  • Receive payments from clients in the currency of your choice (USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR etc)
  • You can also use any external billing system of your choice with some programming

Other Features

  • Demo, free trial & free accounts for your clients
  • API is available for custom billing implementation
  • Multi-tier reseller system - you can have your own resellers, they can have theirs too and so on.
  • Possibility to have your own webhost ranking

Your Very Own Domain Uptime Monitor Website

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